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The click system floor lubricant used by the trade to silence noisy floors.

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  • Stop Creak fixes creaky laminate floors
  • Stop Creak fixes creaky laminate floors
  • how to fix creaky wood floor

Is Stop Creak™ right for you?

Stop Creak™ is designed for these floors

Stop Creak™ lubricates the interlocking click system with a dry, hard wearing, highly lubricant coating. However, if your creaking is caused by issues with your subfloor, Stop Creak won't be able to help.

Stop Creak™ is not designed for these floors

Stop Creak™ is not recommended for these floor types although, if you can pull your tongue and groove floor up and spray the underside and sides with Stop Creak™, then it will reduce or eliminate creaking.

How to apply


I don’t usually write reviews. However I love the product... it stopped my wife forcing me to rip out our beautiful Swedish engineered floor costing £1,000’s! Before we tried Stop Creak we had three different floor fitters including the original installation company give us quotes to fix the floor,  which included taking up the floor we had installed as the underlay wasn’t adequately level.

We were almost ready to pull the trigger and have the floor taken up we came across this product, we didn’t have much hope.  After using this product we were in shock.. tiptoeing across the floor for days in disbelief that it has worked! Months have now passed and it’s still good... long may it last! I throughly recommend this product, but just try it for yourself you don’t have much to lose and it could work for you if you have a similar problem to us.

Used on Kahrs engineered indosatti floor, 80sqm+ no thresholds between rooms, electric underfloor heating.

Thank you so much.


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We are currently running tests on new variant of Stop Creak. If you live in the or around the London area and would be would like us to silence your floors (for free), get in touch.