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Stop Creak 500ml Treats 1 Room or 25 sqm.

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  • Used by flooring professionals to diagnose the causes of creaks click system wood and laminate floors

  • Eliminates friction commonly found in modern wood floors that have dried out or contracted. 

  • Reduces wear extending the life of the floor

  • Repels moisture and offers additional protection to wood floor

Stop Creak is designed to eliminate friction and lubricate engineered wood and laminate floors that have dried out or contracted beyond specification. Stop Creak breathes new life into click system floors, allowing the planks to move freely and silently while also providing a moisture barrier that protects. 

Note: Stop Creak is a specialised wood lubricant and cannot repair faulty subfloors and loose joists or other factors below the click system floor that might be causing creaks and noise.


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