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Click system flooring has become very popular in recent times due to the ease with which it can be laid over existing floors and subfloors.

Click system floors come in the engineered wood and laminate variety, and when fitted, they lie on top of your existing floor like a giant jigsaw puzzle with tight, interlocking sections. 

When the floor is new, the wood contains a 6-9% moisture content. It is advised that you acclimatise the wood first before installing so that the wood can shrink or swell before locking the sections of wood together.

However, over time the wood naturally loses its moisture content causing the wood panels to shrink. This shrinkage means the floor sections are not snuggly fitted together and movement begins to occur in the interlocking sections.

This movement leads to increasingly frequent creaking which is sometimes more noticeable in the summer when the heating is off and the floor is cool (contracted) .

Shrinkage of the floor is a natural occurrence in natural materials like wood and shrinkage and swelling will naturally occur, so the creaking you hear is a natural byproduct of using natural materials. 

Stop Creak™ can help by applying a frictionless resin to the small gaps in the interlocking sections of the floor, therefore allowing the floor sections to move freely, without friction/creaks.

However, Stop Creak™ cannot silence creaks that are due to subfloor issues. If your subfloor is chipboard, the creaking may be coming from this area or the nails that hold the subfloor down.

In these instances,  Stop Creak™ will probably not help reduce creaks and we would instead recommend consulting with a flooring expert about your available options.