Where to buy

Stop Creak™ is currently available to buy online through, Amazon and eBay. We ship to all UK addresses.

Stop Creak™ is the first wood lubricant that has been specifically formulated to quiet squeaky wood and laminate floors. It was originally developed to solve a problem our founder Paul had with his own floors which were keeping his baby daughter awake. After consulting with professional flooring experts, Paul was told that the only solution to fix his creaky floor was to replace the floor; something that would have cost thousands of pounds.

This lead Paul to begin a journey of exploration into the world of low friction minerals, silicons and other, highly lubricant materials. 

After lots of testing on his own floors, Paul ended up with a completely silent house and a couple of extra cans of the final product which Paul gave to friends for testing.

After a few weeks, Paul's friends reported that the formula had also fixed their floors and so, Stop Creak™ was born.

Stop Creak™ formula remains and closely guarded secret and is still produced in the UK by the same team of engineers that developed the original product.

By selling directly to customers we can offer you the best price for our premium product.
As we scale our production, we will endeavour to pass savings on to our loyal customers. We thank each and every one of you for supporting us and experiencing our game-changing product that aims to make your floors silent and your homes a little more fun to live in.

So, sorry no stockists at the moment but we are working out ways to make more Stop Creak™ in greater volumes to meet the amazing demand, so stay tuned!