What is a "Grooved" or "Click" floor?

Most modern engineered wood and laminate floors use a click system that locks the planks together. Some of these floors have a slight visible groove between each plank. Stop Creak is specifically designed for these floors. For Stop Creak to work it must be able to penetrate in-between the planks.

What if my floor has not grooves or visible gap between planks?

Stop Creak probably won't work for your floor.

Will Stop Creak work on all floors?

No - Stop Creak must be able to penetrate between you floorboards and lubricate the friction points of the connecting planks. It will not work on carpeted floors or floors with chipboard subfloors.

Will Stop Creak work on traditional floorboards?

Maybe, maybe not. Most traditional floorboards are nailed down and so the creaking is usually down to the wood sliding up and down the nail when under load.

Will Stop Creak work on stairs?

It is not designed for stairs however some people have had some success treating their stairs. Stop Creak is a heard . wearing wood lubricant. If it can penetrate the area where the creak is occurring then it can eliminate creaks there.

Is Stop Creak flammable?

Stop Creak's active ingredients are not flammable, however, the propellant used in Stop Creak is the same type of propellant used in most deodorants and is therefore flammable. Do not spray the vapour at a naked flame and you'll be safe and sound.

What is Stop Creak made of and how long does it last?

Stop Creak's formula is a secret however, it does include and extremely durable, highly modified version of Teflon that quickly adheres to wood and creates a frictionless surface. 

We are still monitoring the results of the the first tests we carried out with Stop Creak back in August 2018 and thus far, all the floors we treated during these tests are still completely silent.