Our Story

In The Beginning…

I'm Paul and Stop Creak is a product that started as quest to solve a problem in our home.

In 2018 our 9-month old laminate floor began to creak. At first it was annoying but once our daughter was born the creaking became a real issue, keeping my daughter awake and preventing us all from being able to sleep

I invented Stop Creak simply because there was nothing available designed to fix floor safely. WD-40 is highly flammable, it smells and is not more effective than pouring olive oil on your floor. Talcum powder only works if you are willing to take a hammer to your floorboards.

Stop Creak is the result of three years of constant product development. The product is designed to work on click system floors however, it won't work on every floor simply because sometimes the creaking is caused by the subfloor or other issues.

We make Stop Creak in a range of sizes so you can try it first before buying more. If it does work you will save thousands on replacing your floor and this is why Stop Creak is a tool that many industry professionals rely on to diagnose and fix creaky click system floors.

We are constantly trying to improve Stop Creak and we are working on new products to try and provide solutions to people with other floor types.

Today, Stop Creak is still made and packaged in the United Kingdom to ensure we maintain the best quality product possible.