Stop Creak Jake - The man in the video

Many have you have watched the video of "Stop Creak Jake" demonstrating Stop Creak in action, and asked me whether his slightly surprised reaction at the end is genuine. This is a question I would probably ask too if I stumbled upon a product like Stop Creak, so this blog post is to give you a bit of insight into the making of the video and Jake's reaction.

When I first developed Stop Creak, I knew I was on to something but I really needed to try it out on different floors. I had tested it extensively at my home and refined it to a point where it would silence creaks in seconds, but after months of tests and experiments, I had run out of things that creaked in our home!

My friend Jake had laid his floor a few years previously, and he was dealing with the same creaky hell that I had been tackling at my house. I offered to treat his floor with the very first manufactured cans of Stop Creak in return for him agreeing to present the product on video. Jake had quite a bit of experience in front of the camera from his previous career (no, not that), so I knew he would do a great job of demonstrating the product.

On the day we shot several takes of Jake applying the product to his creaky floor, and because Jake was secretly slightly cynical that Stop Creak would actually work, his reaction at the end of the video is genuine surprise, much like much of the feedback we receive from customers today.

If we could shoot that video again, rest assured we will tidy up a bit before inviting the world round for a visit. There are cans of Stop Creak everywhere, a Dust Devil mini-vacuum just hanging out, and what appears to be Warhol's take on the Mona Lisa.

You gotta love Stop Creak Jake! He's not the tidiest man in the world but creatively he really is rather edgy.

I hope to make more videos with Stop Creak Jake and we have made a pact to pay a little more attention to the umm... "details" when we next shoot a video.

Oh, and if you suffer from creaky floors and fancy helping us make a video in return for a free "floor treatment" (like a facial for floors), contact me through this site or Facebook.

Until the next post...

Live long and creak free