How it all started

Hello everyone!

I have decided to write a regular blog to keep everyone up to date with what we are up to and our journey so far. I invented Stop Creak after the new flooring installed in my old house started creaking and waking my baby daughter Sienna.

At the time I was told I needed a new floor, however, that would have cost thousands of pounds and the floor we had was only a year old! I started to look for a solution and tried talcum powder and WD-40, both of which worked for a while but after a few weeks, the squeaks returned.

Faced with spending £6,500 on a new floor which would probably start creaking again in 6 months or doing nothing and having a baby wake up every time we put her down, I decided to try and figure out a solution.

My journey started with researching frictionless compounds and minerals and for a few months, I was being sent little bags of exotic materials from all over the world!

I tried different formulas, different combinations and at one point I was speaking to chemical engineers in 4 continents trying to find a recipe that would provide a long-lasting, permanent fix for my creaky floors.

My research eventually led me back to the UK,  where I put the finishing touches to the final formula and we now manufacture the product you see today.

We have had enquiries from all over the world for Stop Creak so we are now working hard to figure out how to get this to everyone who needs it.

Please check in with us from time to time to find out what we are doing and which countries we are opening up.

Live long and creak free