We are giving Stop Creak away for free...kinda!

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We are giving Stop Creak away for free...kinda!

July 26, 2019 1 min read

Sounds good to be true? Read on...

We are inviting every customer who buys Stop Creak to send us a demo video like the one we recently received from Martin.

These videos are a wonderful way for customers to check whether Stop Creak will work on their floors and we would love to feature more.

So, if you have bought Stop Creak send us a video of you using it. Try to keep videos under 45 seconds and if we use it on our website/social media, we will refund you for 1x can of Stop Creak.

We encourage you to be as creative as possible and extra points will be given to videos that demonstrate creative flair, sharp attire and a sense of fun.

The next batch of Stop Creak will start going out next week, so hope to hear from you all soon.

Live long and creak free >.<