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August 08, 2019 2 min read

You may have noticed that Stop Creak is a bit like Marmite, we either get one star or five star reviews but never three stars! Why is that?

Well, as we have grown as a business we have realised that what is obvious to some people isn't obvious to others. Like any lubricant or product that is designed to alleviate symptoms, Stop Creak can only eliminate creaks if it can get to the area of friction on your floor.

I designed Stop Creak specifically for GROOVED modern laminate and engineered wood. These floors typically expand and contract over the seasons and inevitably the interlocking sections become a little loose and move underfoot. Stop Creak when sprayed into the sections between the planks coats the interlocking click system joints with a hard-wearing, the frictionless compound that last for years.

However, often the cause of the creaking floor is other factors, like noisy floor joist or, if your underlay is missing or worn out, it can be caused by the back of your floor panels rubbing directly against the wood subfloor.

In these cases, the only fix is to remove the floor and relay it properly.

So before you buy Stop Creak we recommend that you check the cause of the creaking before you buy and also check what type of floor you have. If the creaks are high pitched squeaks, your floor is the floating type (either laminate or wood), and you can see visible grooves in between the planks, then Stop Creak will help, assuming you don't have more serious issues going on.

Giving us one star reviews because we haven't fixed your floor with a spray is silly. Would you give a doctor a one-star review if he gave you Asprin for your headache and it didn't work? Of course, you wouldn't!

So please, check you have the right floor, email us if you want to check abut also be realistic about what can be achieved. Stop Creak is designed to lubricate your floors only, if the creaking remains after you use Stop Creak, then you can at least eliminate your top floating floor being the issue and begin to focus on you subfloor.